RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold. RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold.


Behind-the-Scenes: Run Fast Eat Slow Test Kitchen

Behind-the-Scenes: Run Fast Eat Slow Test Kitchen

Rise and Run Recipe Testing Adventures


We love sharing insights into the cookbook development process with our fans. Right now we are in the thick of recipe testing for our next cookbook, Rise and Run. Back in the early days of recipe development we were able to meet up for a week long testing marathon (we tested 27 new recipes!) but now our little team is all working remotely from our home kitchens.

For past cookbooks, we’ve done most of our testing together, but working remotely actually has some advantages. We’ve come up with a pretty good system that involves shared google docs, spreadsheets, lots of text messages, and zoom calls. Now if only someone would invent a way to telepath superhero muffins so we could taste each others creations (and share them with you)?! 


In July we selected our recipe contest winner. Huge congrats to Jacie Legois who submitted the winning recipe: Magical CinnaRunRolls. We cannot wait to share this delicious and gorgeous recipe in our next book.


At the end of this month, we will announce our call for Recipe Testers. Working with our team of Recipe Testers has been a favorite project from our first two cookbooks. We’ve had the chance to meet several of our volunteer testers in person over the years at running retreats and book events. You don't need any culinary experience and in fact we prefer beginner cooks. We also love working with a wide range of ages and running levels from beginner to elite.

If you’d like to join the recipe testing team, follow @elysekopecky and @shalaneflanagan on Instagram to be the first to learn how to apply or subscribe to our monthly newsletter  

We don’t have a launch date yet for the Run Fast. Eat Slow. Rise and Run breakfast cookbook, but we hope to share a date with you soon. We are thrilled to be partnering with our same publisher (Rodale, Penguin Random House) to produce another gorgeous book. 


Here are a few sneak peek photos from when we were able to work together….



In the photos: Shalane, Elyse, Natalie

Natalie Bickford has been our loyal assistant and professional recipe tester since our very first cookbook. We’ve worked with her for 6 years and adore her! Find her @Natalie_Cooks.


In case you haven’t heard the details on our next book, below is our original announcement. 

*Announcement *

Shalane and Elyse are joining forces again to create their most exciting cookbook yet: Rise and Run: Recipes, Rituals, and Runs to Jumpstart Your Day. The book – 75% recipes, 25% training-manual – is dedicated to the most important part of the day for any runner or athlete: the morning. That means breakfast fuel, stretches at sunrise, morning intentions, mileage as the rooster crows, and second breakfast (all before work, for some runners!). Produced by Rodale, an imprint of Penguin Random House.


Testing amazing new Superhero Muffin flavors and combos!

Exhaustion at the end of a long day of recipe testing. Holding our stack of notes that are ready for editing. 


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