RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold. RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold.


RFES Recipe Contest

RFES Recipe Contest

Get your fave recipe featured in our next book.

Contest is now closed. Thank you for so many beautiful submissions. 

We’re in the depths of writing and recipe testing for our third cookbook, Rise and Run, and the time has come to start our fan recipe contest! Now we're calling upon you guys to share with us your favorite breakfast recipe for the chance to have it featured in the book! We loved reading through all of your creative recipes for Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. and knew we wanted to do this contest again this time around. 

Rise and Run is dedicated to the most important part of the day for any runner or athlete: the morning. It will be filled with recipes, rituals and runs to jumpstart your day. That means breakfast fuel, stretches at sunrise, morning intentions, mileage as the rooster crows, and second breakfast.

We can’t wait to read your recipes and stories! Contest details below.

RFES Rise & Run Recipe Contest

The rules:

  • Write your own original breakfast or morning snack recipe. 
  • Recipes can be what you eat before your morning runs (first breakfast), what you snack on during your morning runs or what you devour after for recovery (second breakfast or brunch favorites).
  • The recipe must be your own work and not copied from others (can be a family recipe passed down over the years). 
  • Include the story behind the recipe and why you think we should include it in Rise and Run!

How to enter:

  • Email your recipe + story + a photo of your recipe to Natalie at info@runfasteatslow.com 
  • Share a photo of your recipe on Instagram using the hashtag #RFEScontest and tag us (this is not required but makes it more fun)
  • Follow @elysekopecky, @shalaneflanagan, and @natalie_cooks and we will share and repost our favorite submissions (optional).


    All entries must be submitted by June 10th, 2020. 

    Winner selection process: 

    • Natalie will review all submissions and will narrow down to the top 10 recipes to present to Shalane and Elyse. 
    • Elyse, Shalane and Natalie will review together which of the 10 recipes will be put to the test in each of our kitchens!
    • All three of us will test our top recipes, deliberate, and come to a unanimous decision on the winner. We will judge primarily on flavor, texture, creativity, nutrition, and approachability.
    • We will announce the winner on Instagram and notify them via email by July 10th, 2020. 


    • Your own published recipe in Rise and Run with full name recognition in the recipe header (if you give us permission to use your name and story). 
    • We are not allowed to give any monetary awards or physical prizes.

    Questions to ask during your recipe development process:

    • Does the recipe taste good? What would make it better?
    • Is the recipe easy to follow? Are the steps clear?
    • Does the recipe use accessible ingredients and not too many?
    • Is the recipe nutritious? What could make it more nutrient dense?
    • Is this a meal or snack I would eat in the morning or for breakfast?
    • Are people likely to want to make this recipe at home?
    • Would my friends ask for this recipe if I served it at a party?
    • Would Shalane actually eat this recipe?! Or would she feed it to her cat? :)

    Happy baking and cooking. Good luck!!!

    Last years winner was this Kale Edamame Orange Miso Salad by high school runner Eliza Medearis.



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