RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold. RISE & RUN is an instant NY TIMES BESTSELLER! Now available anywhere books are sold.


New York Times Bestseller and Top Running Podcasts

New York Times Bestseller and Top Running Podcasts

Podcasts to download for your next run 

See a list of recent interviews with Shalane and Elyse below. 

Celebrating R&R on the NY Times Bestseller List

Tears are flowing! Rise & Run: Recipes, Rituals, and Runs to Fuel Your Day is an instant NY Times Bestseller. Three-peat for the Run Fast Eat Slow team!
Eight years ago over a home cooked meal, two long-time friends dreamed of writing a cookbook together someday. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that all 3 books would become NYT bestsellers. Now 3 books, 3 babies, and 17 marathons later Shalane and I will be reuniting in NYC to run the 50th NYC Marathon in celebration of health, friendship, and hard work. This is Shalane’s last stop in Project Eclipse so tears and champagne will be flowing at the finish line.
- Elyse Kopecky

Podcasts and Interviews

Below is a list of the podcasts Shalane and I have been on where we talk about the inspiration behind Rise & Run and so much more. Give them a listen - there are a ton of tips sprinkled in each episode!


Shalane chats with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach about:
  1. How a marathon is an analogy for life: the danger of comparison, the ride of emotions and self-doubt, that love is fuel, and that the world needs both runners and cheerers.
  2. The question Abby kept asking herself throughout the race—and why she’s still wearing her marathon medal while doing the dishes and running errands.
  3. Why race day was so profound to Glennon— even though she is strongly committed to NOT running—and how she experienced her first sports injury while cheering.
  4. A special visit by the kids’ middle school cross-country coach, Coach Loux, who became Abby’s marathon coach—and what she said at the 24-mile mark that shifted everything for Abby.
  5. A conversation with marathon champion Shalane Flanagan about the bond and joy of running—and how she played a magical part of Abby’s marathon day.

Hurdle Podcast

Shalane sits down with Emily Abbate for a LIVE chat the day before NYC Marathon. They talk about the culmination of Project Eclipse, a 6-marathon journey over 42 days in which Shalane taught us all that sport is for life. Get advice for new runners, how to get out of your own way when anxiety takes over, and fueling and nutrition tips in the wake of the release of her new New York Times bestselling cookbook, Rise and Run.
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C Tolle Run

Carrie Tollefson chats with Shalane Flanagan about Project Eclipse, which is Shalane’s attempt to run every Abbott World Marathon Major in a 42 day period. They also discuss her training, her cravings, her recovery, what she thinks about walking in a marathon, her little boy Jack, her husband, her cookbooks, and so much more!

Motherhood Unstressed

Elyse chats with Liz Carlile about:
  • The struggles of finding balance in a busy life (kids, careers, relationships) and still prioritizing yourself, and what works for Elyse 
  • How to clear your head and focus on the here and now with your kids
  • The top recipes that keep their bodies fueled without taking too much time to make
  • Recipes that fuel the whole family (even the picky eaters)

Ali On The Run

Shalane and Elyse are here to talk about Rise & Run. We cover the back story behind superhero muffins, their friendship story (and stories about tequila), talk about how motherhood has changed their relationship. Shalane talks about Project Eclipse — her quest to run all six World Marathon Majors in 42 days — and Elyse talks about training for her marathon debut, also in NYC. Lots to celebrate on this episode, from muffins and marathons to motherhood and more!

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey

In this episode Lindsey Hein chat with Shalane about her journey to get to this 6th marathon major, and to Elyse about training for her first marathon, what their goals are for NYC and Shalane gives a little advice for newbies on the course! We wrap it up with some Mom talk. 

The Shakeout 

Shalane tells us about Project Eclipse and shares what its like to be a new mom, how she improved her relationship with food, and the deep value of acting in the service of others.

Radically Loved

Elyse joins Rosie Acosta to talk about the importance of mindfulness and wellness in your morning routine. In addition to knowing why you need a healthy and hearty breakfast, you'll learn the importance of movement and sunlight. She also talks about her upcoming book and her experiences writing it amid the pandemic. Mother, chef, and author, Elyse gives us a wonderful peek into food, writing, and her beautiful mornings.

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy

Shalane shares the stories behind running six World Major Marathons in six weeks -- each in under three hours -- and what drove her to take on the challenge, dubbed "Project Eclipse." Shalane talks about the incredible journey the marathons have been, how she's doing something that "lights her soul on fire" and why she hopes she's proof positive that sport is for life. Also find out about her new cookbook with BFF Elyse Kopecky called "Rise and Run".


On this episode, Shalane breaks down everything that inspired her to take on the marathon of marathons and gives us a look at the training and recovery plan that’s helped her rise to the challenge (and have fun along the way). She also opens up about her journey as an athlete and new mom, what it’s like to be one of the only women in the world of elite coaching, and how anyone can achieve their personal best.

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