Our new cookbook comes out August 14th! Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. is finally here! Available anywhere books are sold.
Win an Autographed Bookplate

Win an Autographed Bookplate

We wished we could have made it to more cities during our book tour, but Shalane had to get back to training for the NYC Marathon. Since we didn't get to sign as many cookbooks as we hoped, we are giving away 100 signed bookplates from our tour that you can stick inside your very own copy of Run Fast. Eat Slow. 

Enter now to win one of the one hundred (100) signed bookplates and you can have your book 'signed' by us too! 

This giveaway is being hosted by our awesome publisher. Learn more here or simply fill out the form below and you'll be entered right away. Sweepstake closes on Oct 2nd. 


Oct 10, 2018

I love your first cookbook so much. I have even given it as birthday and Christmas gifts to some of my good fitness friends…

Sarah Matheson
Oct 10, 2018

I follow you on Instagram and you are such an inspiration! I live in nyc and hope to see you at the marathon!! All my colleagues at Prehab keep talking about having you come in to speak to our clients about eating healthy! Would love it if you came by. 248 e. 73rd st. If you get a chance. Best of luck with your book and keep inspiring us. Thank you.

Julia Gometz
Oct 10, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Priscilla Fuhrman
Oct 10, 2018

Loved the first book. Looking forward to exploring the recipes in your second book. Such great tips, background, and healthy ideas; I thank you for your inspiration, sharing, and overall awesomeness.

Cindy Ruddock
Oct 10, 2018

Hello! You are such an inspiration! I’m enjoying the new cookbook and following you on Instagram!! I’m currently training for my second marathon and love all the great tips and ideas! Best of luck in NYC, you are going to do amazing again!!!

Kimberly Gasman
Oct 10, 2018

Thanks for writing these books; we love the recipes!

Moira Davenport
Oct 10, 2018

I have both books and they are FANTASTIC!

Kristin McCarthy
Oct 10, 2018

I love your cookbook and learning how different foods can nourish and heal runners! My children are aspiring XC athletes on the team and benefit from the fuel as well! We look forward to your next book!
~run fast

Heidi Moe
Oct 10, 2018

You two are great inspiration for me as a young athlete. I never learned about nutrition when I ran cross country in high school, until I started running in college. My coach helped me understand it was important! A couple years later I found your book and started to learn that there’s so much more that I didn’t know about food and how it could help me reach my highest potential!

Thank you!!!

Ana Martinez
Oct 10, 2018

Love your recipes, wish I had more time to cook but I’m always out running.

Brenda Shawgo

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